we’re playing white water in TWO DAYS.  you’ll be there, or:

1. you’ll be square.

2. you won’t know what’s good for you.

3. whatever you’re doing that night will be exponentially less fun than what we’re doing.

this PSA brought to you by the fine folks at rock’n’roll bachelor parties incorporated.  rock’n’roll bachelor parties is a not-for-profit organization that supports live music scenes in cities all across the world.  for more information, please call 501-517-0871 or email freemicahbooking@gmail.com.

Rev Room: 1/16/11

I had to double-check to make sure… and it had actually been over two months since our last show!  We played November 15th, 2010, with husband&wife at Sticky Fingerz.  Since then, we’ve spent four days in the studio in Dallas, lost a member to rigors of school (Rae Leigh) and written a few new songs!

We played last Sunday, 1-16-11, at the Rev Room, with a bevy of other acts (all of whom are in the Hip Hop genre.)  7 Duce, 607, and Futuro Boots, along with the headlining act (and close friends of ours), EKG. 

It was the most well attended show that we’ve played in a while, and we all had a BLAST doing it.  Here is our set-list from that night:

Hold You

I’m Glad That You Smoke Cause I Wanna See You Die

Little Rock

Speak the Words

Sex Sells

Sleepy Devils

Baby You Were Always Worth It

As I mentioned, it was our first show with the brand new lineup.  This is how the “new Free Micah” is set up:

Jay: Lead Vocals, Piano, Korg, Guitar

Ryker: Backup Vocals, Guitar

James:  Backup Vocals, Bass

BenSing: Guitar

BenSeay: Drums

My friend Andrew McClain sent me a couple of thoughts from the show… I liked them so much that I thought I’d share them here with you:

I think that the show Sunday night immediately went on a short list of shows that I won’t forget anytime soon….

You guys… Damn, you guys. I feel like I got to witness something pretty incredible - a real rebirth or something… It was pure rock n’ roll bachelorism.”

If you want to come to the next bachelor party, head to White Water Tavern on Tuesday, February 15th.  We’ll be there, ready to rock with you.

irinaaridzuan-deactivated201108 said: Hey guys, hows it goin'? I really love your music! Im pretty much new to your music but I'm a fan. So I do this kind of review/recommendation of bands and albums kinda thing on tumblr & since I love yours (band & music) I thought I might do a piece on you guys. I really hope you wouldnt mind free marketing! So uhh, please do inform if you dont mind :) I wish you guys all the best anyways!

yes, we’d love for you to!  email us at freemicahbooking@gmail.com and we can figure out a way to answer some questions and send you a couple of tracks.



this is what we do when we are bored in the studio.


jay tracking guitars!

jay tracking guitars!


Chik-Fil-A.  FO FREE.